Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain – Misirlou (Tab)

Continuing the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain’s 30th Anniversary celebrations with my first attempt at doing a UOGB style version of one of their tunes: Misirlou (most famous as the Pulp Fiction intro played by Dick Dale). I had a lot of fun putting it together and it gave me a new level of appreciation for what they do.

My arrangement is based on theirs but pared down to four ukes and a guitar/bass part.

Lead Ukulele: Standard Tuning

Misirlou (Lead Tab)

This is main melody of the tune. I don’t use the g-string here so you can use either high- or low-G. It’s played with a pick.

There are two bits of notation you might not be familiar with. The dots above the notes in the first few bars and the last few bars indicate that the notes are played staccato i.e. they’re very short. The two thick lines under notes in the loud section (bars 38 – 70) mean the note is tremolo picked. More on tremolo picking here.

Second Ukulele: Low-G

Misirlou Second Uke Tab

This uke plays a harmony part to the main melody and a few runs. Again using the pick. It’s trickiest of the parts.

Rhythm Ukulele: Standard Tuning

Misirlou Rhythm Tab

This part is very simple for the first half of the track. It’s just two notes strummed – – d u – – d – (the same pattern as the rhythm guitar in Dick Dale’s version).

When it switches to full chords I use this strum:

x – d u – u d x

Then when it opens up I use this strum:

d – d u – u d u

Bass Part

Misirlou Bass Tab

I don’t have a bass (I’m not an animal) so I used a guitar for the bass part. But I’m just using the bottom four strings so you can transfer this tab directly to bass or bass ukulele.

Percussive Ukulele

This part has the least to do. In the intro and outro it makes the very high notes by picking the strings above the bridge. Then in the loud section (bars 38 – 70) it strums all the strings muted with the left hand in the same pattern as the rhythm ukulele in the quiet sections i.e. – – d u – – d -.

Baritone Ukulele

Misirlou Baritone Tab

There’s no baritone on the track but here’s a baritone version of the lead ukulele part.

Alternatively, you could just play the lead tab for standard tuning on a baritone as it is. For example, if the standard tuning tab says 3rd string (C) 4th fret then you’d play the baritone 3rd string (G), 4th fret. That provides a readymade harmony for the lead part. But it does clash with the second uke sometimes so don’t use them both.

Backing Track

Misirlou Backing Track (MP3)

Misirlou Backing Track (MP3)


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