Leonard Cohen – Suzanne (Chords and Tab)

Leonard Cohen – Suzanne (Chords)

2016 sure has been a ride. (The first draft had hopes of no more musicians dying here but between writing the post and it going up Leon Russell died.)

Being in the key of E, the chords for Suzanne are a bit tricky. You can make it easier by doing it in F like the version Sylvie Simmons (ukulelist and Leonard Cohen biographer) using these chords:

Suzanne (Chords in F)

Suggested Strumming

You can just use this dead simple pattern all the way through:

d – d u

Picking Pattern

Suzanne (Picking Tab)

I’ve also moved the picking into the key of F as it makes it much easier. You can play along with the original by tuning down to Gb B Eb Ab. Or here’s a tab of the picking in E I did before giving up on it.

The tab goes from the intro through the first verse and you can use the same patterns throughout the song.

You pick the E-string with your index finger, A-string with the middle finger and your thumb for both other strings.


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