Max and Chloe Theme (Life is Strange)(Tab)

Max & Chloe Lead (Tab)

I think I’m getting soft in my old age. Over the winter break I played two games that ended with me in floods of tears: Valiant Hearts and Life is Strange. Now I can’t even get through the Valiant Hearts trailer or Spanish Sahara without misting up.

I’m a sucker for great music in games (obviously) and Life is Strange has both an excellent original score and tracks from some of my favourites like Jose Gonzalez, Alt-J, Mogawai plus some uke in the form of Amanda Palmer’s In My Mind.

The melody line of the Max and Chloe theme is slow, simple and absolutely beautiful. There’s lots of room for you to add emotion to it so be sure to use plenty of vibrato.


Picking Tab

This part – played on a standard tuned ukulele – is much trickier than the lead part. The thumb and two finger picking pattern is constant and rapid. So be sure to warm up well before tackling it.

Baritone Part

The baritone part is much more simple. It starts out just some softly played low notes to fill out the sound. It breaks from that at the start of verse two to double the melody an octave down.

Guitar Part

Judas! Yes, guitar on Uke Hunt. I think I lost about 170 brain cells just recording this guitar part.

The part follows the ukulele chords closely. The only slight change is Cmaj7 in place of C. Just to give it an extra bit of melancholy.

There is also a part playing the bass note of each chord on guitar pitch-shifted down an octave (because I still don’t own a bass of any kind).

Here’s a backing track for you to play the lead part along with:

Backing Track (MP3)

Amanda Palmer – In My Mind (Chords)
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