Game Tabs: Cuphead, Burly Men at Sea, Everybody’s Gone…, Life is Strange

I’ve built up a hefty backlog of game tabs. So this post is splurging them all in one go.

If that’s not enough for you, there are more game tabs and chords here.

Cuphead: Don’t Deal with the Devil

Kristofer Maddigan –
Don’t Deal with the Devil (Tab)

Cuphead is the most hyped game of the year. Unfortunately, I don’t own anything that can play it because I still haven’t forgiven Microsoft for Vista. So I’ve contented myself with playing the soundtrack. And a very good soundtrack it is too.

Like the game’s visuals, the music apes styles of the 1930s. So there’s plenty of big band jazz, ragtime piano and in Don’t Deal with the Devil barbershop.

To keep that barbershop feel I’m using fingerpicking rather than strumming in my arrangement. That means you can play all the notes at once as they sound in the original.

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Burly Men at Sea: The Brothers Swim

Plied Sound – The Brothers Swim (Tab)

You might not have heard of Plied Sound before but there’s a good chance you’ve heard their music. They’ve scored ads for numerous companies. Most notably Apple. So if you’ve ever listened to Jonny Ive being precious about unibody aluminium and chamfered edges you’ve probably heard Plied Sound.

But they ditched the epic piano and spacey bleeps and bloops for the excellent, folky and ukulele-heavy soundtrack for Burly Men at Sea.

For my version of The Brothers Swim I’m using a low-G ukulele. In the first section, the thumb is picking everything on the G- and C-strings with the other notes played using alternate picking. In the second section (bar 9 onwards) I use one finger per string picking.

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Burly Men at Sea

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture: Mourning Tree

Jessica Curry – Mourning Tree (Tab)

Being a walking simulator fan, I loved this game. The highlight for me was the glorious, Bafta winning soundtrack. It was written by Jessica Curry and is full of pastoral, Vaughan Williams style pieces. The Mourning Tree is an adaptation of the traditional British melody Down in Yon Forest which I tabbed in Christmas Ukulele III. When it cropped up in the game it took my breath away and I had to work up a version.

You could just about play this arrangement with just the thumb on the picking hand. But I’m using one finger per string picking up until bar 19. Then I use alternating index and middle fingers for the quick run and throw in some thumb and two finger picking.

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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

Life is Strange: Jose Gonzalez – Crosses

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I’ve done a ton of Life is Strange tabs and chords already. But there’s always room for more. Particularly since the prequel is currently halfway through its release. Speaking of which…

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Life is Strange

Life is Strange: Before the Storm: Daughter – No Care

Daughter – No Care: 7 second ukulele lesson

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The Life is Strange prequel Before the Storm has taken a different direction with the music. Instead of a variety of acts, all the music is provided by the band Daughter. Which has made the soundtrack markedly less exciting to me.

But the use of No Care at the start of episode two saved what could otherwise be a slightly ridiculous scene.

The riff is challenging to play on ukulele but it’s just about possible.

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Before the Storm
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