Rebecca Sugar – Time Adventure (Tabs and Chords)

Rebecca Sugar – Time Adventure (Chords)

Rebecca Sugar made a welcome return to Adventure Time to provide this song for the finale. Their songs are easily my favourite part of the show and they don’t disappoint with this beautiful, moving tune.

I’ve written up two versions of the song: one with just basic chords and one with fancy picking. Both are based on the ukulele version they performed at Comic-Con.

The song uses some familiar Sugar-tricks. Like the last Adventure Time song I covered Everything Stays it uses plenty of maj7 chords and has a switch from Cmaj7 to C6. Plus the move from Gmaj7 to Cmaj7 in Everything Stays is the same relative move as Cmaj7 to Fmaj7 in Time Adventure.

Suggested Strumming

If you want to avoid the fancy picking you can keep it very simple. You use just down-strums the whole way though.

Intro and Outro: Do two down-strums on all the maj7 chords and one on all the 6 chords.

Verse and Chorus: Keep the two down strums on Cmaj7 but just one down-strum for everything else.

Middle: One long down-strum on the Gm. And you can play six down-strums each on the other until D7 (two down-strums) and G7 (one down-strum). For the G7 on the last line you can recreate the fast run of notes by just hold the G7 chord and slowly brushing your fingers over the strings in an up-stroke so that each string sounds individually rather than all together as in a normal strum.

Twiddly Bits

Rebecca Sugar – Time Adventure (Tab)

The picking starts out very simple. It’s sedately played and uses thumb and two finger picking. Things get a little more complicated for bars 15-22 where I switch to using one finger per string picking (with a quick return to in bars 27 and 28).

The picking gets much more involved in the second chorus. But the chords are the same so you can play them the same as the first chorus. Or mix and match to come up with your own version.


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