Scott Walker – 30th Century Man (Chords)

Scott Walker – 30th Century Man (Chords)

It’s already turning into a sad year for musical deaths. This month has seen the loss of Dick Dale, Keith Flint and Scott Walker. I’ve already covered The Prodigy’s Out of Space and done tab a version of Miserlou here. So here’s a quick tribute to Scott Walker.

Walker is best known for his orchestral ballads and dramatic baroque arrangements. But I’ve gone with a stripped down song that really showed off his songwriting chops: 30th Century Man.

I’ve used the most common chord forms in the chart. But I prefer to play using these chord shapes:

Alternatively, you can use one of the alternative ways of playing the E chord or put a capo on the second fret and use these:

30th Century Man (Chords)(Capo Version)

Suggested Strumming

Intro: Since there’s nothing else going on at this point in the song, I recommend following the strum in the original which goes like this:

Verse: After the intro you use this strum:

d – d – d – d u

Play that once on E. You can then play it twice on D. Or throw in the Dsus4 and strum it like this:

Follow that with the main strum once on G and four times on A (or play the strum from the intro).

Chorus: Main Strum once per chord.

Outro: Main strum six times or intro strum one and a half times.


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