Splendora – You’re Standing On My Neck (Daria Theme)(Chords)

Splendora – You’re Standing On My Neck (Chords)

With most theme tunes these days being heavy on doom and light on tunes, you can always rely on cartoons for an enjoyable, catchy theme. So this week I’m taking on some of my favourite tunes from animated shows. Starting with the unforgettable riot grrrl tune from Daria (recently covered almost note for note by Honeyblood – which has the same chords as the original).

I went with a capo on the first fret for this one. This does introduce an E chord. But the E-G move is easier than an F-Ab move. Of all the variations on the E chord, I went with muting the g-string with the thumb of my fretting hand. I’m also doing that with the rapid B-A-G-A chords in the lead-up to the chorus.

Suggested Strumming Pattern

For the main strum I use:

d – d – d u d u

Verse and Solo: Main strum once each in the first three lines. Then one down-strum per chord on the “excuse me”s.

Chorus: Main strum once each on C and G. Then twice on A. And on the, “You’re standing on my neck,” lines just one down-strum per chord.

Middle: One main strum per chord.

Twiddly Bits

The iconic “la la laaa la la” riff makes use of the flattened fifth note (a.k.a. the devil’s interval). The same riff crops up in a different key at the start of solo (where it’s five frets higher) and gets moved up one fret in the outro. In the Honeyblood version it’s played in the same key as the intro on both these occasions.

The solo itself is exceptionally easy. Most of it is just one note: A-string, 3rd fret (with a capo still at the first fret). Then towards the end you slide up two frets. Then back down to the third fret. Up to again. Then end on the open E-string.


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