The Princess Royal (Tab)

Jonathan Lewis – The Princess Royal (Tab)

Today’s post comes from Jonathan Lewis who has a new tab ebook out: Morris Tunes for Campanella Ukulele which you can pick up from free on Gumroad.

I’m grateful for Al for agreeing to share this arrangement of a popular Morris tune.

There are two sections which are played AABB. The A section is pretty much all campanella picking, while the B section has some chords and harmonies. The chords used are F, Bb, C and Gm.

In bars 15 and 16 you’ll need to change from the Bb chord, barred on the 5th fret (7565) to an F5 in the same position (5588). The tricky part is playing the note E on the first string with your little finger while holding the Bb chord, then quickly moving to that F5 where you’ll need to use your little finger to cover both first and second strings on the 8th fret, keeping the bar on the 5th fret.

As always, it’s best to figure out for yourself which fingerings work best for you, and to simplify (or complicate) according to level.

You can download Morris Tunes for Campanella Ukulele for free on Gumroad. I also highly recommend checking out his Irish Tunes for Campanella Ukulele ebook.

As is tradition, I had my own stab at playing this tab here’s my version of the verse.

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