Star Wars – Rey’s Theme (Tab)

John Williams – Rey’s Theme (Tab)

John Williams proved he’s still got it with this theme. His best since Harry Potter, in my estimation. Give Sideways’ video a watch for an overview of why.

The theme has three sections. I play the first theme in two different ways. A single-note version in the intro (picked with thumb and two fingers) and a beefed-up version starting in bar 11 (picked one finger per string). This is my favourite section to play. Like the Imperial March, the rhythm alone is powerful and immediately Star Wars-y. And varying the dynamics is very effective.

The second part starts in bar 7 is slower and more stately. It’s also the easiest section to play.

The third part (starting in bar 15) is the most melodic. In the original version, the first theme pops up in the background orchestration. I’ve included this in bar 18. It’s a little tricky to play. If you want to skip it, you can just pluck a few notes from the C5 chord in that bar.


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