No Doubt – Don’t Speak (Tabs)

No Doubt – Don’t Speak (Tab)

Here’s my take on the No Doubt mega-hit Don’t Speak. The second best song Gwen Stefani has been involved with. I wasn’t sure if this one would work on uke, but I like how mournful it sounds on the instrument.

The chords in the verse are a little unusual. The first time around the Dm chord lasts one bar. The second time, it lasts half a bar and all the chords are moved half a bar earlier with an extra half a bar of Dm in bar 9.

The pre-chorus introduces some strums to build up to the chorus. The chord progression in the chorus is great. Particularly moving between D and Cm.

There’s a key change to Eb in the bridge. Which makes it tricky to play.

Next is the solo, which also has a few tricky bits. Most notably the trip up the neck in bar 31.

After that is a minimal version of the verse and a chorus with a slight variation at the end.


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