Jim Croce – Time in a Bottle (Tabs)

Jim Croce – Time in a Bottle (Tab)

Jim Croce is an artist that past me by. He never get much attention in the UK. But after Time in a Bottle was a popular request on Patreon and it’s given me an appreciation of the song.

Intro: With this song, the more impressive sounding parts are easier to play and the less impressive sounding parts are more a challenge.

Despite how it sounds, the intro is fairly easy. Just make sure you’re fretting the A-string, 4th fret in bar 5 with your middle finger. Everything else falls into place.

Verse: This is the part I found to be more of a challenge. Bars 9-12 feel cramped with the descending chromatic line on the C-string and the melody on the A-string.

Things go back to being simple and effective in bars 14-16 with a walking bass line set against the melody.

Chorus: A change from F minor to F major for the jaunty chorus. Some fun sliding around in this section.

Outro: Closing out with some artificial harmonics to emulate the original. Made even more tricky than usual as you’ll probably have to estimate where the 20th fret would be. If you’re struggling, you can just play these without the harmonics and it’ll sound great.

And don’t be a moron like me, fret the C- and E-strings with your middle and index fingers respectively for an easier stretch.


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