Harry Styles – As It Was (Tabs)

Harry Styles – As It Was (Tab)

I hadn’t heard Harry Styles’s As It Was before it cropped up as a Patreon request and my hopes weren’t high. Turns out it’s a pretty great song. Very catchy with a melancholy edge.

Intro: A bit of Take On Me action with this riff. Once the chords kick in at bar 2, prioritise keeping the energy up over hitting exactly the right strings. As long as you’re holding the chord, it’ll sound great.

Verse: Mostly one finger per string picking here but I’m alternating index and middle finger to pick the C notes in bars 7 and 11.

I snuck in a little lick at the end of bar 8 to fill up the bar. You’re welcome to use your own ideas here.

Chorus: Just strumming for the chorus. The trickiest part is hitting the F chord just before the end of bars 15 and 19. Don’t worry if you hit some of the open strings when you play the A-string, 7th fret the note before.

You could always extend that note at the 7th fret and hit the F chord at the start of bar 16/20. I doubt anyone will notice.

Bridge: A whole mess of notes here. Definitely need some alternate picking to get through it.


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