Willie Nelson – Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (Tabs)

Willie Nelson – Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (Tab)

Despite the the pleas of Al Ferrier, here’s a tab of Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain. Dozens of people have recorded the song since Fred Rose wrote it in 1946. But this arrangement is based on the definitive version by Willie Nelson.

Intro: Matching the Willie version by following the bass notes using the thumb on the g- and C-strings. Followed by strums.

Verse and Bridge: Continuing the thumb-plucking and strums, and adding the melody line. Most of the melody line is picked with the fingers, but some notes are part of the strummed chords.

There’s a simple lick in bar 11 and a couple of lines inspired by the walking bass in bars 12 and 20.

Solo: With Willie playing a nylon string guitar, his solo suits the ukulele fairly well.

The one problem is the bends. It is much easier to do bends on a uke in the middle of the fretboard. So I’m bending the E-string at the 7th fret rather than the A-string at the second fret. That does require some shifts up and down the fretboard.

Although the song is in swing time, the descending line at the end of the solo (bars 43-44) is played straight.


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