Rigk Sauer – Tequila

Rigk Sauer – Tequila (Tab)

There are some occasions so dull that only a significant amount of alcohol can get you through: weddings, baseball games, a day at work. High on the list has to be spelling bees. A group of writers in San Fransisco came to the same conclusion and put together a drunken spelling bee. After successful spellings of words as complex as “verisimilitude” and “anamnesis”, one word felled three contestants in a row. That word: ‘ukulele’.

Another time drinking is necessary, is at karaoke. I always insist I will not do karaoke unless I can do the song Tequila – I am entirely unwilling to sing any more than three words. But give me a uke and I’ll play this tune all night.

This version of Tequila was played by Rigk Sauer of RISA as a demonstration of the Uke’Ellie. RISA make some of the most distinctive and interesting ukuleles around; from Les Paul and Strat style to ukes with holes right through them.

This arrangement was done to show off the uke, so there are many changes between positions and between chords and single notes; making it a great piece to learn to get to grips with chord positions higher up the neck.

Click here for a tutorial on how to read tab.

Tab requested by Jon

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