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If you’ve tried to sign up for the mailing list in the last couple of weeks and encountered problems, it should all be back up and working. If you’re still having problems, let me know and I’ll cry some more then try to sort them out.

<tangent>I haven’t been entirely happy with the people I’m using to deliver the list, so I tried out Aweber. I’ve had nothing but problems since I started with them. I’m tempted to go on a rant, but I won’t bore with that. I’ll just say: if you’re ever setting up an email list and want the benefit of my experience, avoid Aweber.</tangent>

If your new year’s resolutions included both getting fit and improving your ukulele playing then this is the way to do it. And make sure you check out the rest of his videos (once you’re in a fit state to carry on).

By now you’ve probably voted for Jen Kwok 14 times in the Famecast Contest (once a day in two sections). She was in 3rd place in the comedian section and twelfth in the singer-songwriter section, but she’s slipping. You can help bump her up to where she belongs by signing up here, voting in the comedian section and voting in the singer-songwriter section.

Ukulele Ghetto visits the KoAloha factory.

Happy Patty is no longer happy after failing to win the Bushman ukulele contest.

Clarks shoes will always be associated in my mind with the ugly school shoes I was stuck with while all my cooler friends were wearing DMs. In an attempt to change this, they hooked up with Tokyo Ukulele Afternoon and gave away their version of Tequila to London’s hipnoscenti. You can take a listen yourself at Innersounds and grab some more mp3s here. I’m still not going to voluntarily wear the shoes. (Via Ukulele & All That Jazz)

Ukulele signed by Ohta San and Samuel Kamaka. If you’ve got $12,000 to spare. (Found thanks to Ukulele Ghetto).

Julia Nunes chats to her local rag.

The George Washington Method for Blues Ukulele.

Ukulele Ray sings a tribute to his mom. Aww bless.

Lest you forget.

Will Smith does a ukulele version of Men In Black.

John Henshaw (off of Early Doors and John Prescott) speaks of his love of George Formby and playing the ukulele.

A penguin playing the ukulele.

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  1. pam January 12th, 2008 3:58 pm

    that will smith clip is hysterical. thx for posting it.

  2. Howlin' Hobbit January 12th, 2008 5:18 pm

    1. Thanks much for the shout out!

    2. I agree with pam 100%.

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