Ukulele Chord Flashcards

While at university – while the sensible people were out drinking, dancing and sharing venereal diseases – I was holed away in my room testing myself on Pareto optimality and trade coefficients with flashcards. It was, therefore, a huge disappointment to the geek in me that there were no flashcards online for learning uke chords.

Luckily, the wonderful and talented Jenny Flame has created some great looking flashcards for all the major, minor and seventh chords.

Uke Chord Flashcards

Simply print off one side of the pdf onto card, turn it over (being careful to check how your printer feed works) and print the other side, then cut them out (preferably fretboard side up). The idea is to look at the chord name side of the chord, play the chord on your uke, then check you are correct. Alternatively, you look at the chord side and think of the name. If you have a friend (unlikely as it is) you could have yourselves a game of flashcard war.

These cards are a great idea of Jenny’s. Be sure to join her MySpace group Ukulele Nation.

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