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Uke Hunt’s Most Popular Posts

Uke Hunt’s Most Popular Posts

Uke Hunt is two months old today – still not in full control of its faculties and gurgling incoherently. Like most blogs, the only person reading it was its mum. So you may have missed some of the early posts. Here’s a rundown of the eleven (yes, eleven) most popular posts so far:

  1. Julien Doré – Cet Air-Là: Sexy Frenchman covering France Gall/April March.
  2. Top 10 Free Ukulele Software Downloads: People like free stuff.
  3. Simpsons Ukulele: how do you play the ukulele with only three fingers?
  4. Pink Panther: some people may put this post’s popularity down to a killer tune. I say it’s all down to the handsome guy in the video.
  5. UkeTube 5: Fantastic videos from Bob Brozman, Bosko and Honey, The Winin’ Boys, Earlyguard and Cool Hand Uke.
  6. Rick Sauer – Tequila: Excellent arrangement by Mr RISA.
  7. Various Artists – Creep: Everyone’s playing it, everyone was searching for it.
  8. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.
  9. Stephin Merritt – Smile: Everyone you despise will die so smile.
  10. Earlyguard – Blue Smoke: Very effective tune, great for those learning fingerpicking.
  11. Ukulele Flash Cards: Cut out and test your chord knowledge.

A big thanks to everyone who has commented, linked and emailed. It makes it seem like this blog isn’t a colossal waste of time.

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