Julien Dore – Cet Air-La (Chords)

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Julien Dore – Cet Air-La (Chords)

Bonjour et bienvenue a La Chasse a Uke. There has been a big surge in the popularity of the ukulele in France in the last couple of years. The amount of hits this blog gets from France is topped only by the USA (thanks in no small part to King David Ukulele Station). This is set to continue with Julien Dore winning the French version of Pop/American Idol. Already, friend of the blog, nobo has been telling me that every time he takes out his uke he is met with shouts of, “Oh, like Julien from Nouvelle Star.” With his good looks and interesting voice, it’s not hard to see how he won. But his ukulele could do with a good tune up.

Cet Air-La was originally recorded by Ye-Ye girl France Gall, but the version Dore plays is much closer to that by April March (who will hopefully get the recognition she deserves after featuring heavily in the soundtrack to Tarantino’s latest flick). The simple chords and relaxed tempo make this an ideal piece for beginners. Those wanting to stretch themselves a little more can try the chord solo in the outro.


This creates a few large stretches. Although Dore, plays the first bar of this by placing his second finger on the 3rd fret, I strongly recommend you use your first finger. It makes the leap up to the 7th fret and back much simpler.

Thanks to nobo for pointing me in the direction of this clip

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