Mara Carlyle – Baby Bloodheart

Mara Carlyle – Baby Bloodheart (Tab)

After writing about her on Monday, I immediately started working on this tune and was given a further boot up the backside by Susan ex-Tobacco.

The song is fairly easy-going on the left hand. You don’t need your left hand at all for vast parts of it. The right hand might require a little more work. Carlyle uses her thumb to play all the notes. This works well enough for most of the song but, I have to say, verges on the utterly insane for the tremolo section (the ‘Oh my God, I can hardly breathe section’). She just about manages to pull it off but I strongly recommend you use your index finger. This will make the timing much easier to control.

Buy Baby Bloodheart UK

On second thoughts, if you’re in the US don’t buy it there – the import price is the equivalent of launching a rudimentary space program. Get it on iTunes instead.

Mara Carlyle - Baby Bloodheart - EP

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