Bust Magazine’s Ukulele Ladies

Moonlitkitty of the essential ye-ye girl blog Spiked Candy got in touch with me today to let me know that Bust Magazine has an article dedicated to the distaff side of ukulele. It features a number of acts that are well worth checking out:

Lady Carol (of the Moon): I’ve already featured Lady Carol and it’s great to see her getting more attention.

Miranda Mahalo:I’ve been a fan of Miranda for a long while. It was clear from the MySpace videos she made just a few weeks after she learnt to play that she was talented.

Paper Dolls: Trio featuring Uni and Her Ukelele that, “know every song ever written except three.”

Rose Harting: I must admit a completely new name to me and one I’m very happy to have discovered.

Sweet Soubrette: If you haven’t seen her MUD videos yet, get your arse in gear.

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    […] much as I enjoyed Bust Magazine’s uku-ladies, there was a glaring omission. Writing about female ukers and not mentioning Bliss Blood is like […]

  2. Daniel de Culla September 20th, 2010 5:58 am

    Excellent. I enjoy You and Yrs.so much. Kisses.

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