Tetris Theme – Korobeiniki (Solo Version)

Tetris Theme Solo (pdf)

I recently acquired a Fluke and ill-educated people have been confusing it with a balalaika ever since. I’ve given up trying to explain it to them and have learnt to play two Russian sounding tunes on it. The first bit of this video is the tune from Gogol Bordello’s Not A Crime – from a traditional tune called Tromba de Zingari. The second part is a solo version of the Tetris theme.

I’ve tried to retain as much as I could from the duet version – which has made it tricky to play as it shoots around the neck. The trickiest section is bars 5 and 6. Originally I had it tabbed as:

tetris ukulele tab

I made it slightly easier for the tab. You can make it easier still by playing it like this:

tetris ukulele tab

Which I should have done because I was struggling with this section in the video.

One more hint: in the first bar make sure you fret the A with your third finger so you can play the next few notes more easily.

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  1. Uke Hunt » Tetris Duet August 5th, 2007 11:18 am

    […] Update: The solo tab is here: Tetris (solo) […]

  2. Sanchezan August 26th, 2007 1:44 pm

    Nicely done man! Is that a fret less uke that i am seeing ?

  3. Woodshed August 26th, 2007 2:07 pm

    Thanks, Sanchezan. It’s not fretless but it does look like it is. The frets are black. In fact, the frets and fretboard are one molded piece.

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  5. Nick January 15th, 2008 5:19 am

    this makes me wish I had gotten a tenor instead of a soprano.

  6. Woodshed January 15th, 2008 11:18 pm

    This tune is a little too fiddly for a soprano. Still, I wouldn’t be without my soprano. There’s plenty of stuff it’s perfectly suited for.

  7. Sam December 20th, 2008 10:56 am

    I just bought a uke today for $25 at my music store and it is quite easy. I took to it fairly quickly because I’ve played guitar for 5 years, including classical style (so I know how to finger pick) and I must say that you are quite talented not just playing but also arraning these songs. Looking forward to seeing more work from you in the future.

  8. Woodshed December 20th, 2008 7:52 pm

    Thanks very much, Sam.

  9. AustinGraff May 16th, 2009 1:26 am

    Is that fretless or am I just imagining things…?

  10. Cardboardfrog May 16th, 2009 11:08 am

    nah its a fluke, the frets are plastic like the fretboard so they’re all the same colour

  11. Woodshed May 16th, 2009 1:57 pm

    Austin: Cardboardfrog is bang on. But you’re not the first person to ask me if it’s fretless.

  12. Poi August 23rd, 2010 3:33 pm

    Wow… that was amazing playing. So, I tried it, and it will take a while to get used to it, and playing it with the solo part. Thanks for the upload, great.

  13. Poi August 23rd, 2010 3:33 pm

    5 stars!

  14. Woodshed August 24th, 2010 5:04 pm

    Poi: Thanks, good luck getting to grips with it.

  15. louis Kent August 4th, 2011 8:57 pm

    i dont mean to bother you but i have a simpler version of tetris

  16. dustin July 23rd, 2013 2:08 am

    this song is realy hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Woodshed July 23rd, 2013 10:52 am

    dustin: Yep, I was trying to keep it as close to the Gameboy version as I could!

  18. Tom October 31st, 2013 9:16 am

    Forgive my naïveté, but what do the circled numbers under the fret signatures mean?

  19. Woodshed October 31st, 2013 9:27 pm

    Tom: They’re suggested fingering for the fretting hand.

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