Friday Links

In case you missed the link earlier in the week, Buke is a new website dedicated to the baritone ukulele with many tabs divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced.

Stefans Ukulele is a Swedish uke site (written in Swedish and English) has some handy hints and tips, chordcharts and a very interesting article about taking care of your ukulele.

New York Uke Fest 2008 announced April 3rd – 6th.

Louis A Gaspar ukulele dissected and remade.

tiki carving ukuleleWigan’s Formby statue erected.

Tiki carvings and Tahitian ukuleles on Tiki Central forums. And some very detailed plans for creating a Tahitian ukulele (in French).

The banjo-lele blog I mentioned before is in Czech.

Two new Jake Shimabukuro releases reviewed.

Chinese ukulele forum.

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