Lars Larsson’s Ukulele Video Showcase: Old Time Ukulele Players

Themed list of the best ukulele videos by Lars Larsson.

George Formby / When I’m cleaning windows
GF / Auntie Maggie’s Remedy (Banjo Uke)
GF / She’s got two of everything (Banjo Uke)

Roy Smeck / 12th Street Rag & Interview
RS / Tap Dancing on the Uke

Vincent Cortese (student of Roy Smeck) / Tribute to Roy Smeck
Musician, teacher, and author Vincent Cortese performs an impromptu ukulele solo at the Lewis
Playhouse in Rancho Cucamonga, California (on a borrowed ukulele). Mr. Cortese was a student,
friend, and the biographer of legendary vaudevillian musician Roy ‘Wizard of the Strings‘ Smeck.

Cliff Edwards / Hang on to Me (1935)
CE / That’s My Weakness Now
CE / Fascinating Rhythm
There’s a great web site for Cliff Edwards at Red Hot Jazz.

Ming & Toy / (1936) Vaudeville (Warning: Strong Stereotype)

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  1. Mark June 25th, 2009 10:40 pm

    i’m a relative new comer to the uke–playing for almost two years now–and was wondering if anyone has chords for cliff edwards (ukulele ike) songs? i’ve read up on the lyrics, watched the youtube clips, but don’t have the ear or musical talent to figure it out…any ideas for where I should turn? are there any books i can buy? thanks.

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