Beirut – Closing Song

This song is an all round mystery to me. The first time I heard it was on the SXSW session on The Line of Best Fit (it’s still available for download) but it was referred to as ‘Sunday Smile’. But it’s completely different from the ‘A Sunday Smile’ on Flying Club Cup. There are a couple of videos of it on YouTube where it’s listed as ‘Closing Song’.

The mystery doesn’t end there. I can’t work out what he’s singing most of the time. That means I haven’t be able to put together my usual chord chart. The fact that there are only live recordings also makes it a bit trickier to get the chords, but here’s my best guess.

beirut closing song tab chords

This progression makes up the intro and carries on for the first half of the song.

Midway through he goes into a short vamp on the F and C7sus4 before switching to this progression:

beirut closing song ukulele tab chords

He might be playing C7sus4 instead of Fsus2 or vice versa in that bit. It’s hard to make out under the brass. Try it out and decide which you think is best.

And if you see Zach Condon tell him to stop mumbling.

Requested by Sigi

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