Beirut Ukulele Tab and Chords

If you’re interested in which ukuleles Zach Condon plays, you can find out here: Zach Condon’s ukuleles.

The Rip Tide

A Candle’s Fire
Port of Call

Flying Club Cup

Nantes (pdf)
A Sunday Smile (pdf)
Guyamas Sonora (pdf)
La Banlieue – Em – A – F# – B
Cliquot (pdf)
The Penalty (post)
Forks And Knives (La Fête)
In The Mausoleum (pdf)
Un Dernier Verre (Pour la Route)
Cherbourg (pdf)
St Apollonia (post)
The Flying Club Cup (pdf)

Read my notes on Flying Club Cup here.

Gulag Orkestar

Gulag Orkestar (pdf)
Prenzlaurberg: Ebm – Abm – Bb
Brandenburg: Dm – Gm
Postcards from Italy (post)
Mount Wroclai (Idle Days) (pdf)
Rhineland (Heartland) (pdf)
Scenic World (pdf). And tab for the accordion part (thanks to Felix).
Bratislava: A – Bb
The Bunker: The first half of the song is G – Dm7. The second half is Gm – C – F.
The Canals of Our City: G – Dm
After the Curtain: D – Gsus2 – D – Asus4

Read my notes on Gulag Orkestar here.

Lon Gisland

Elephant Gun (post)
My Family’s Role in the World Revolution: Capo at the first fret Gm – Eb – F
Scenic World (Second Version) (pdf)
The Lon Gisland Sound: Capo at the first fret Am – D7 – G – C – Cmaj7.
Carousels (pdf)

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Closing Song (Chords)
Transatlantique (Chords)
The Akara
East Harlem: G – C – D for the first part. And G – C – D – Em for the end section.
The White Whale: Ebm – Abm – Bb. Or Dm – Gm – Bb capo first fret.
Hallelujah (Post) Leonard Cohen Cover
The Interior of a Dutch House: E – Bm – F#m – E
My Night With the Prostitute From Marseille: G – A – Bm – D. From Big Change: Songs for Finca.
Brazil (pdf)
The riff:

Brazil Beirut riff tab

Siki Siki Baba: Introduction: C – D – G5. Verse: G5. Chorus: Em – Bm – C – D – G.

Alaska in Winter – Close Our Eyes, We Are Blind