Panic at the Disco – I Have Friends in Holy Spaces

Panic at the Disco – I Have Friends in Holy Spaces (Chords)

March was quite a month for albums with unexpected ukulele tracks. As well as Portishead’s Deep Water and Van Morrison’s Keep It Simple, there was Panic at the Disco’s I Have Friends in Holy Spaces from the album Pretty. Odd. Needless to say, it’s a trend I heartily support.

I’ve lost track of whether I should be calling them Panic! at the Disco or Panic at the Disco (I’m sure one of my younger, hipper readers knows the score). They seemed to have dropped the ! recently, which is a shame. I like bands with punctuation. !!! in particular.

Like Deep Water, PATD go with a retro sound for the song. But the chord shapes aren’t as traditional as those in Deep Water. They jump up and down the fretboard in a much more guitar-like way. There are also a few little embellishments such as the F#7 – F#sus4 – F# move.

Requested by Brian, Mike and Gary.

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