The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Chords)

As far as I’m concerned, Mark Occhionero‘s arrangement of The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is the definitive ukulele version. You’d have to be crazy to want me to do a version. Which might explain why Heather requested just that.

My version of the chords is half way between Mark’s version and George Harrison’s version.

The intro is the chords that go over the, “You’ve got me in between…” section. One of the great things about Mark’s version is that he often changes the chords and picks out notes to follow the melody notes. For example, you could play these chords over, “De-vil and the deep blue sea,” With a chord or single note for each syllable of the lyrics.

Devil and the Deep Blue Sea ukulele chords

It’s a very effective way of playing. It’s well worth checking out Mark’s arrangements for more ideas.

The chords for the verse can be fancied up or dumbed down according to taste. You can replace the F#dim with a Dm chord (as George does) or you can change the F to an Fmaj7 for a more jazzy sound. Have a play around with different chords and see if you can find your own variations.

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