Madame Pamita and Entertainment for the Braindead

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Here’s how it goes sometimes: I hear some ukulele music I really like, I ask the person if they mind answering a few questions, they say ‘go ahead’, I send them some questions, they realise the questions are idiotic and offensive and I never hear from them again. I can’t offer much in the way of facts with these two, but you should definitely check out the music.

Madame Pamita

Madame Pamita – Pink Pocketbook (MP3)
Madame Pamita – Love Is Good (MP3)
Madame Pamita – No Bad News (MP3) via her website

Pamela Moore is not short of bands or genres. Her musical credits include surf guitar with The Neputas, ole time country with The Dime Box Band, punk with the Birdinumnums and all-girl Cheap Trick covers with Cheap Chick. She also has two ukulele featuring acts: The Very Special (jingles for things that should have jingles but have been overlooked by the advertising industry) and Madame Pamita (a perfect mix of ukuleles and spiritualism). Almost as entertaining as her music is her Flickr account with old time gentleman musicians and old time lady musicians

Entertainment for the Braindead

Entertainment for the Braindead’s Hypersomnia is a quite brilliant album of drowsy, spaced out, acoustic songs. You can download it all for free here and buy the CD here.

Standout ukulele tracks: Sleep, Winter
Standout non-uke tracks: Ordinary Sunday, Home

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