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Ukulele Hero

ukulele t-shirt

The Ukulele Hero t-shirt was very well received last time I mentioned it and from what I’ve seen they’re the biggest sellers. There are also plenty of other Hero style T-shirts including Banjo Hero, Cowbell Hero and Kazoo Hero.

UPDATE: These t-shirts are currently unavailable. They’ve gone away and come back before, so who knows. I might even have my own design run up.

Price: $19

Uke the Whales


I think we all know by now that I’m a fan on the bad uke pun. And this is a particularly fine/terrible example.


White T-Shirt


La Domino Uke Ad Dark T-Shirt

I’m sure I’m not the only one with a uke crush on the LeDomino. For now the closest I’m likely to come to owning one is wearing a t-shirt reminding me to buy one at the earliest possible opportunity.

I’m not sure why it’s referred to as “La Domino” on the shirt. Possibly a trademark thing.


No Longer Available

Black Beauty Ukuleles

Black Beauty Ukuleles White T-Shirt

Another ‘slap an ad on a shirt’ design. They appeal to me more than the sloganeering type shirts.

I’m completely unaware of any Black Beauty ukulele. The ad is a little ungrammatical: “This is a pretty, well-toned and big value.” But if someone has spent long enough staring at your left boob to notice that, you’ve probably already pulled.


No Longer Available.

Ukuleles are Cool

Ukuleles are Cool! Organic Cotton Tee

Saying something is cool is like so totally lame and stuff. Nevertheless, that picture is cool.


No Longer Available.

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