Uklear Meltdown 2010: Friday Links

Ukelear Meltdown – Newcastle-Upon-Tyne’s foremost ukulele festival – is looking for suggestions on who should be a part of their 2010 event. If you want to suggest yourself or someone else get in touch with them.

There have been a few pale imitations since, but the original Ukulele Hero T-Shirt is easily the best – or it was until it was taken off the market. But luckily it’s back and you can buy it here along with the other cowbell, kazoo, bagpipe etc. hero t-shirts.

Ashton Kutcher is a big fan of WS64.

Ukulele Perspective drew my attention to a new iphone/ipod app that lets you cart around your tab.

Jim D’Ville has started a great new series on intervals – a great way to improve your ear.

Shelley Rickey goes ukulele spotting.

MP3s: Good Cop Bad Cop release their, “instrumental ukulele rock opera about the parting of the christian church into the western Roman Catholics and the eastern Greek Orthodox,” (not another one).

Zings Music Group are offering the chance to win a Kala ukulele in return for some Twitter spamming.

Pictures: Cat Green Bike tour poster, dynamic duo, Billie Joe Armstrong and his ukulele.

Budding Amy Crehores can answer the call for ukulele art submissions.

On Uker Tabs: Owls by Cocoon and Funky Tonight and Zebra by John Butler Trio.

In the comments: There was a lot of discussion this week about solid body, electric ukuleles and their relation to guitars both on the Kala solid post (with a contribution from the Wellingtons) and on the RISA post. Something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently and haven’t come to any conclusion on. And Andy has an excellent suggestion for hotels to provide ukulele rental.

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