Star Wars – Cantina Band

Cantina Band (Star Wars) (Tab)


I’m not sure if Andy was joking when he requested this one. Tabs are far too serious an issue to joke about. The first part of Cantina Band works quite well on the uke. Bars 7 and 8 are particularly uke-y.

As for the picking, for the most part I use my thumb on the G and C strings and index finger (picking upwards) on the E and A strings. Bars 9 to 14 are all strummed. I’m blocking the G string with the thumb of my picking hand in this part. It isn’t strictly necessary as the G works in there as well. What is necessary is blocking the E string for the last two notes of bar 10 (and bar 14). I do it by resting the tip of my index finger on the string.

Perhaps next Sunday will be a theme tune that wasn’t written by John Williams.

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