Eleukes, KoAlohas

On eBay UK right now there’s a seller with a number of Bugsgear EleUkes up for sale. The strange thing is, the ‘Buy It Now’ price for each size is exactly the same. So you can pick up a Tenor TC100-PHP for £199.99 (it’s £139.50 at the Ukulele Shop) and a Tenor TC100-MHP for £159.99 (£175 at the Ukulele Shop).

You wait ages for a KoAloha Sceptre of come along and two arrive at once: Tenor, Concert.

It’s a shame there aren’t some decent photos of this 8 string Kamaka Lili’u. From what you can see, it looks intriguing.

Speaking of photos, hello, sailor. Or, if you’re one of those insane girls who judges guys by their shoes, you’ll find this pair much more handsome. If you’re in to sailors, ukes and shoes, this might be the clip for you.

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