Ukulele Case & New Pineapple Flea

I’m not sure why it is, but the most popular design for hard ukulele cases seems to be a very Gentlemanly tweed. It’s a step up from the black box, but not as fun as this rising sun case. But the ultimate has to be this koa ukulele case – so long as you don’t mind people thinking you’re carrying round a baby coffin.

Pineapple Fleas used to look like this. now they look like this.

My favourite ukulele of the week is this Kumalae koa taropatch.

If you’re one of the people bidding crazy money for The Ukulele Orchestra of GB’s new album, stop right now. It’s only a tenner on their website. You are, however, free to bid as much as you like for Darren Hayman’s Ukulele Songs from the North Devon Coast because the cover is adorable.

A few weeks ago it was Lisa and Maggie, this time it’s Bart’s turn to be on a uke.

I wasn’t aware that Mahalo had made a Lyon and Healy Camp ukulele style uke, but on eBay Australia there’s this Mahalo UK290.

Speaking of camp ukulele, the ukulele kitsch of the week.

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