GUGUG Week: Are Friends Electric?

GUGUG/Gary Numan – Are Friends Electric? (Chords)(PDF)

I think I’ll have to do a Beirut on GUGUG at some point and write up all the songs they’ve done. All their songs are fun and easy to play and would work great as ukulele club songs.

I worked out the GUGUG version of Are Friends Electric? from their Are Friends Acoustic? version. But the uke parts for the two are pretty much identical.

Strumming Pattern

For the verses: you can go down, down, down on the C chord (with the last down being very short) and up, up, up, down, up, down on the Gm.

Without the chords and played slowly, it sounds like this:


With the chords, like this:


For the ‘uh-uh’ section: the easiest thing to do is two down strums like Fin does.

For the spoken word section: down, down, down, up, down, up should see you through.

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