The Bobby McGee’s – Billy & Tracey (Kill Yourself)

The Bobby McGee’s – Billy & Tracey (Tab and Chords)

A fairly good representation of The Bobby McGee’s ukulele style with Jimmy dishing out some rapid strumming and Eleanor with the single note runs.

One interesting thing is that the two parts seem to be in conflict with each other. In the A chord Jimmy’s playing a major third (C#) and Eleanor is playing the minor third (C). When I asked Jimmy about it he said, “The major over a minor third was something I first heard in the work of Shostakovich…or was it Buddy Holly????” And he also notes that the A chord is played with a rock and roll hammer-on from A7 to A.

The Billy and Tracey of the title are Billy Childish & Tracey Emin.

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  1. JCMcGee July 2nd, 2009 10:41 pm

    PRIZES!!! (Am I allowed to do that?)

    Tell ya what….the 1st 2 people to tell me what all the methods of suicide mentioned in this vid are going on about and why coffee maker is in there will win a special copy of the album & a T-shirt!!

    Do it on here or e-mail the band at


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