Stagg Electric Uke, Tahitian Ukuleles: Window Shopping

A couple of Tahitian ukuleles up this week. The most impressive is this one carved into the shape of a bird. There’s also this soprano Tahitian ukulele – which you don’t see very often.

The Stagg Electric ukuleles I mentioned a while back are up for sale. Intended as Strat and Les Paul copies. They don’t quite pull it off.

The recession must really be hitting the uke collectors. Every week there seem to be more Martin ukuleles for sale. This Martin 2K obviously isn’t from a collector, but it’s very nice.

Two great photos I wish I knew the story behind:

– “Can you guide me in?” “Sure I’ll just put down my uke.”
– I don’t know what those girls are doing to that poor guy, but I want to hang out with them anyway.

It was only a matter of time: Obama ukulele dashboard figurine.

Rogaine: Makes dogs hump your leg.

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