Ukulele Cookbook: Friday Links

What do ukulele players like to eat? Rose Turle Ertler has answers from James Hill, Cat Green Bike, Jen Kwok and many others.

Voting has started for Bosko and Honey’s Join the Safari Contest. The process of selecting a winner is closely modelled on that of the election of the Doge of Venice; I think you vote for one video from each country and then your overall favourite. Those favourites and possibly others go through to various rounds of judging by Safari participants, sponsers and relatives. Then the winner is paraded round Piazza San Marco on Easter Monday.

Help Victoria Vox record her new album and get yourself mp3s, a house concert or a chance to chat her up depending on how much you’re willing to donate.

Uke, Ubu, Uke! is a new uke blog that already has some cool posts.

The New Zealanders didn’t manage to break the mass-ukulele record. But they did have Bret McKenzie. His opinion: “It looked better than it sounded.” Keep fighting those New Zealand jibes, guys.

Mark Nelson has put up tab for Moana Chimes on Uker Tabs.

Ukulele zeitgeist on the wane according to The Guardian (via Mr D).

Roger Daltry: “Is it worth tuning it?” And Steven Tyler plays Little Grass Shack for Oprah.

Mike DaSilva has some interesting things to say about ukulele tone.

Ukulelezo won last year’s Bushman Contest. Yes, it definitely happened. And anyone who tells you a cover of Mmmbop won is obviously joking.

The Leisure Society are looking for an army of ukulele players to join them on stage in London.

Sheena Beaston has an interview with and track from Via Tania.

Ukulele pin-up of the week: Sari (a slight misunderstanding of the roots of the ukulele but who cares?).

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  1. ronhale October 24th, 2009 12:32 am

    Gary said most of the book deals with vegetarian/vegan “cuisine,”
    so I gave my grumpy comments on that subject to Ukulelia. I did mention in my two remarks that this ukulele player these days is fond of deep fried ice cream, & I recommended the 1/2 lb Wagyu “Kobe” burger from a local restaurant as a counter to the broccoli smoothie crowd.

    Hope Bosko, Honey, & contest winner don’t get caught in the sort of massive sand storm that hit down under just a short while ago.

    Well, Roger, there are two schools of thought on that. I belong to the (evidently going out of style) school that says a decent tuner is important, probably because I came out of the guitar world of the 1960s when there were no such things as electronic tuners (pitch pipes, no thank you), & finally, now, I can keep an instrument in tune. I vaguely remember once back in the ’60s when the Byrds played the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. After being introduced, they spent (seemingly) forever tuning-up. After noticeable (& justifiable) audience unease (I wanted to smash my screen), David Crosby pipes ups & says something along the lines of, “We tune because we care,” & some audience idiots actually applauded him. Why they didn’t care to tune before they were announced, of course, no one thought to ask. I can’t remember, but it was probably a lame performance anyway, after all that.

    Steven, it’s not Little Grass Shack, it’s Little Brown Gal. And (just a couple corrections): not “Island’s fare,” but “Islands fair;” & “balmy” not “bomy.” Granted, listening to your singing & then transcribing is a Herculean task.

    Hmmm, I got my first uke not too long after the hapless, would-be player in the cartoon…..

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