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Patti Plinko, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Saturday UkeTube

One surefire way to get your video featured is to do one of my requests and do it as fantastically as uketreehugger did. Also this week: a Christmas song from cuddly Japanese super-cuties U900, cuddly backwoods super-cutie Jake Wildwood, cuddly Canadian super-cutie Ukulelezo and plenty of other cuddly super-cuties.

Washburn Lyon, Leopard Fluke: Ukulele Window Shopping

I’m a bit confused about what Washburn are playing at. They used to make ukes under the name ‘Lyon and Healy’, then they syphoned off the ukuleles to their ‘folk instrument’ section Oscar Schmidt. And now they’re selling ukuleles as Washburn Lyon. And they seem to be exactly the same as the Oscar Schmidt ukuleles. […]

Ukulele Prom DVD, New World Record: Friday Links

You can pre-order your copy of The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain’s already legendary Proms performance on their website and watch a clip of it here. New Zealand builds a human ukulele out of 961 kids and set a new world record. Der Spiegal talks about the London ukulele scene (the entertainingly translated version) with […]

Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele – Love Song 2009 (Chords)

Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele – Love Song 2009 (Chords) You have to be comfortable with a very high level of camp to play a cowboy Fluke. I think Dent May is the man for that job. Requested by Fiona. More Dent May Meet Me in the Garden (Chords) Oh, Paris! (Chords) You Can’t […]

Daddy Stovepipe – Ukulele Blues Lesson

Winin’ Boy (Tab) via Daddy Stovepipe’s bluesy ukulele videos are a favourite of mine and he’s recently tabbed up one of his tunes. So I took the opportunity to throw a few questions at him. What’s your musical history? How did you come by the uke? I started playing blues fingerpicking guitar when I […]

Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Music for a Found Harmonium (Tab)

Music For A Found Harmonium (Tab) I’ve loved this tune for many years (after hearing Colin Reid’s version of it) so when I found Penguin Cafe barrister Geoffrey Richardson was a uker I decided I had to find a way to play it on the uke. How hard could it be? Five months later… The […]

Pockets: Monday Exposure

PocketFox – No One Knows (MP3) Pockets – The Final Countdown (MP3) Pockets – A Fake (Ukulele Empire) (MP3) via Mmm… Fruity Me when first seeing this video: Hmmm, kazookeylele. Nice gimmick. We’ll never hear from him again. You can download a whole pile of his stuff (and as half of PocketFox) on Mmm… Fruity.

Harry Potter – Hedwig’s Theme (Tab)

Harry Potter – Hedwigs Theme (Tab) I’ve done a whole load of tabs of John Williams tunes (Star Wars, Cantina Band, Olympic Fanfare, Indiana Jones). Yet I wouldn’t be able to pick him out of a line up and I regularly get him mixed up with the guitarist of the same name. This arrangement does […]

Via Tanya, Sophie Madeleine: Saturday UkeTube

After a bit of a male dominated week last week, the girls are back in force I was originally going to post Via Tanya’s video for Wonder Stranger but the version she did for Shoot the Player. Also this week: Sophie Madeleine doing my second favourite song of hers for a Crypt session (watch the […]

Kahiko, Luna: Ukulele Window Shopping

Prettiest ukulele this week has to be the Kahiko Concert Flyer. And ugliest ukes this week have to be the Luna Ukuleles. You have to question the design sensibilities of any company that would use the papyrus font in their logo. And ukulele I haven’t made my mind up about yet of the week is […]

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