The Fall – Blindness (Tab)

In the Hey, Soul Sister post J-Hob declared that every time I post something appaling I have pay a Fall-feit. Last time, I attoned for the song with the name that shan’t be spoke with How I Wrote Elastic Man and Theme From Sparta FC. This time I’m going for something more recent with Blindness from Heads Will Roll.

I’ve beefed the bass line up by making them into power chords:

And here’s the keyboard riff (before MES shoulder barges her out the way and starts pressing random keys):

And here’s a total screw up to illustrate the dangers of tabbing from memory:

The is supposed to be the octave stabs on the guitar (which crop up only briefly on the album version but feature heavily in the live version). As it’s actually played, ignore the last two pairs of octaves.

Here’s me putting them together:

Uke version

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