Carl Orff – O Fortuna from Carmina Burana (Tab)

Carmina Burana (Tab)

Confession time. I originally started arranging this on the assumption it was a good hundred years or so old and would go in my How to Play Classical Ukulele ebook. Only after hours slaving over it did it occur to me to check. 1935.

But it’s such a hilariously pompous tune I couldn’t resist finishing off a version for the ‘umble ukulele. The piece is so over the top it’s almost always used tongue-in-cheek. The only people who don’t get the joke are those putting on displays of Aryan superiority.

Main tip for playing: after the big intro, keep the first part as quiet as possible to give you somewhere to go later. I’m quite tempted to redo this video with my Sceptre because the Ohana version needs more volume towards the end.

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