Kala Round-About Amps, Rickenbacker: Ukulele Window Shopping

Kala’s roundabout ukulele amps are now up for sale. They’re only 10 Watts so you’re not going to be playing Carnegie Hall with them. But it’s certainly plenty for a practice amp, making yourself heard with a guitarist, or letting the flash Harry louder than the rest of the ukulele group.

Most interesting uke this week is this 1930s electric Rickenbacker ukulele. It has to be a one off. The price and rarity makes it collectors only, but you have to read the eBay description. Interesting, informative and with a yarn in there.

If you happen to be in Honolulu this weekend, the ‘Ukulele Guild of Hawai’i are having their annual exhibition at the Hawaii All-Collectors Show. Sure to have a number of weird and wonderful ukes. Also present: Imperial Storm Troopers.

Beltona resonator – I shall watch and despair as the price on that one rises.

Nice unmarked 20s ukulele.

Not exactly ukulele related but Aardvark Manifesto.

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