Cosmo Jarvis – She’s Got You (Chords)

Cosmo Jarvis – She’s Got You (Chords)

People who get things done sicken me. In the time I spend procrastinating over writing a short blog post, Cosmo Jarvis will have written and directed a short film, and composed and played the music for it and, I expect, have rustled up some galantine de faisan chaidfroid for the crew (check out He Only Goes Out on Tuesday). Handsome, talented bastard.

Job one for playing this song: tune down half a step to F# B Eb Ab.

Suggested Strumming

For the verse, d – d u – u d u. Once for the chords C to F and twice for G and Dm.

Then for the chorus throw in a chnk.

Twiddly Bits

Here’s my attempt and put the various recorder riffs onto two ukes. These ukes are also tuned down half a step.

Recorder Riffs

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Requested by Fraser and Alissa.

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