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Friday Links

Radio has a lovely selection of tunes (in the right-hand column). Highlights include Ohta San, Jesse Kalima and The Old Blind Mole Orkestra. I confess, I’m completely addicted to the ShayTards. And now they have a ukulele theme tune. Atomic bomb responsible for ukulele revival. German take on the ukulele revival. Nice to see […]

Black Keys – Five Riffs (Tab)

I went to see the Black Keys last week and they were incredible. They’re at the perfect place in their career. They’ve got an extensive enough back catalogue to provide a set with no flat moments but they haven’t got to the stage where they’re just plodding through the songs until it’s blue M&M time. […]

Maestro Ukuleles: Meet Your Maker

It used to be that Asian-made ukuleles were all hastily slapped together and shipped out as cheap and quick as possible. But that is changing with the likes of aNueNue in Taiwan putting quality at the top of the priority list. Now Maestro, a guitar maker in Singapore, has moved into ukuleles and is making […]

Florence and the Machine – Dog Days Are Over (Chords)

Florence and the Machine – Dog Days Are Over This line in the NYT review of the Ukes’ performance at got up my nose a little: Perhaps because the ukulele has long been treated as a four-string mini-guitar for amateurs, only a handful of ukulelists have achieved much renown… But the more I thought about, […]

E 4 Echo, Tokyo Police Club: UkeTube

It might be down to busyness or my clocks-going-back blues, but this week’s selection is shorter than usual. But the videos I did find, I very much enjoyed. Those videos include E 4 Echo making excellent use of a uke/cello combo and doing so while looking dapper, Tokyo Police Club breaking a string, and a […]

2011 Festivals, Bushman 2010: Friday Links

The 2011 uke festival lineup is starting to take shape. The London Uke Fest is moving from a one-day, act-focussed event to a three day, strumalong and campout. And are changing the name to the London UkeyLove Festival. The organisers are looking for your feedback (they lost me at camping). A new festival on the […]

Sonic the Hedgehog – Boss Level (Tab)

Sonic Boss Level (Game Gear) (Tab) I think I’m pitching at a very narrow audience with this one. As it happens, I don’t have any memories of this tune either – never had a Game Gear. I came across it because I’ve recently grown an obsession with 8-bit music. And Sonic has some serious tunes […]

Why You Should Give A Crap About Copyright Terms

Not my usual uke-centric post this. But it’s an issue that affects anyone who has learned a song from the net, made a ukulele video for YouTube, written up a chord chart for a ukulele group or just attempted to learn an instrument. There’s a lot of debate over copyright when it comes to making […]

Never Shout Never – cheatercheaterbestfriendeater (Chords)

nevershoutnever – cheatercheaterbestfriendeater (Chords) There are a lot of very good reasons to hate this guy, but still I quite like him. And he’s obviously bringing a lot of teens to the uke. So another nevershoutnever for them (particularly since the stuff I’ve seen for this song seems completely wrong to me). There are a […]

UkeStar, Amanda Shires: UkeTube

No competition for the video I enjoyed most this week: a match made in cheese-metal heaven between UKESTAR and The War Ponies. Epic beyond belief. If you want to hear the song again – and you will – check out Gio’s edit of the video. And if you’re still not satiated there’s the making of […]

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