Kahauanu Lake: Friday Links

“The hell with that damned guitar. It’s a haole-made instrument. And how’s my ukulele playing?” Kahauanu Lake died last Sunday. He’s most famous for writing Pua Lililehua (which I tabbed a little while back) and was a militant supporter of traditional Hawaiian music, Hawaiian culture and the ukulele’s place in them. As you can see in this interview. Ukulelia has a round-up of links.

Geek Pop’s sampler Geek Like Me is out now and features ukes from Helen Arney (as featured in the podcast), Jonny Berliner and MJ Hibbett.

Vingtage Ukulele Ike songbooks on Ukulele Cosmos. And less vintage chords for Uni and her Ukelele songs.

Charlieissocoollike did a ukulele song with Tim Minchin – and forgot to turn the mic on. There aren’t enough heads or desks in the world to do that one justice.

Musician microfunder site, Pledge Music has set up a publishing and made Sophie Madeleine their first signing. (Those three guys behind her do make her look like a cheery despot parading prisoners of war).

Amanda Palmer comes up with a clever solution to the playing ukulele whilst standing problem.

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