Cheap Ukes: Ukulele Window Shopping

After last week’s Window Shopping post I got a few complaints about the insane prices of the ukuleles featured. Looking solely at ukuleles I’m too poor to afford is the only way to ensure I don’t end up buying one. But this week I put my wallet in peril for you and look at what I’d buy at the lower end of the market.

Under $25: I’d have to go with a Pink Mahalo U-30 and hope I got a good one. Yes, pink. I need a uke that’s going to match this shirt.
But I’d be tempted by: A Practical Method for Self Instruction on The Ukulele by N.B. Bailey. I love old ukulele instruction books.

Under $50: I don’t own a pineapple ukulele so I’d go with a Makala Pineapple.
But I’d be tempted by: The Wolfelele.

Under $75: If I didn’t already have a Mahalo Les Paul, I’d definitely be getting one of those. Otherwise, perhaps an old Harmony.
But I’d be tempted by: A ukulele teapot with intestine handle.

Under $100: The sensible choice would be Kala Mahogany Concert. But the Plaid Kala Ukadelic to garish-up my collection nicely.
But I’d be tempted by: This adorable pair of beaten up banjoleles that I’d never get round to having fixed up.

Under $150: It would have to be an Ohana Vita uke in tribute to Roy Smeck.
But I’d be tempted by: This Soul Cat cigar box ukulele.

Leave your suggestions/shopping list in the comments.

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