Friday Links

Podcasts: Jessica ‘Miss Jess‘ Graves spanks the dirty blues on the Bedpost Confessional (not suitable for minors – and anyone who can’t handle awesome-overload). Kate Micucci discuss her life, career and how her acting teacher told her to never play ukulele in public on Riki Lindhome’s podcast. In the Studio talk ukuleles with, Corktown Ukulele Jam founder, David Newland and Melanie Doane (thanks to Marie).

New Releases: Craig Robertson’s new album (pay-what-you-like with all proceeds going to Amnesty International) featuring Bossarocker, The Bijou Toots and, on this track, me. Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer’s O.G. Original Gentleman. The Vespers are giving away a free album. You can pick up April Smith’s rather fantastic Colors for the price of a tweet.

The ukulele is currently hailed as the ultimate way to pick up chicks. But only Charles C. Russell really knew how to pick up ukulele girls (via NPR and Kevin).

If Eddie Vedder’s Ukulele Songs wasn’t stripped down enough for you, there are demos of three songs from it here (thanks to Cliff).

The Duke of Uke has found a new home.

Kickstarting: Lil Rev is raising money for his next album. As is Zee Avi.

Jon Favreau plays ukulele on Jimmy Fallon Kimmel and Jake does the other Jimmy. (Tune-Yards was on Jimmy Fallon as well sans uke but avec The Roots).

Ukulele tattoos (via @ukegnome).

The Lemonheads’ Being Around on Uker Tabs

Why does a piano fall faster than a ukulele given both are dropped from the same heights?

UPDATE: Ukulele for Dummies is now available in the US (a little earlier than expected). There’s a description here and I’ll be doing a full post about it next week.

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