Basia Bulat – Sparrow (Chords)

Basia Bulat – Sparrow (Chords)

While you’re waiting for me to get more Beirut stuff together, here’s one from their recent support act Basia Bulat.

Suggested Strumming

The song is in 3/4 time. You can just use three down strums:

d – d – d –

Twice for each chord (apart from the fancy bits and the end of the verses and first chorus).

But you can fancy it up by playing a touch strum (t) as the first strum:

t – d – d –

For the touch strum you only do a half strum (hitting just the g and C strings). Although I like to do the IZ thing and pluck the g-string with my thumb then do two down strums.

Twiddly Bits

In the chart I’ve written up the verse ends as C6 and C7. But she actually hammers-on the g-string notes like this:

She does an extended version of this at the end of the first verse (don’t play it at the end of the second verse).

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