Leftover Cuties – Places to Go (Chords)

Leftover Cuties – Places to Go (Chords)

I thought I’d posted this one months ago but there it was in my drafts. And it deserves posting because the Leftover Cuties album puts a grin on my face every time I hear it. It’s an effective poppy updating of the 30s uke sound. And it’s a good time for it to crop up because the Cuties have a new collection of covers coming out soon. You can preorder it here and get two tracks straight away.

Suggested Strumming

In the verses you can keep it dead simple with:

d – d – d – d u

And in the choruses you can use:

d – d u – u d –

Easy Version

Leftover Cuties – Places to Go (Easy Version)

If you’re not into barre chords, you can play this version with a capo on the first fret.

Twiddly Bits

The song has a great blues outro that goes like this in the original key:

And you can play the stylophone intro like this:

Move both of those down a fret if you want to play it in the easy key.

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  1. Dan May 8th, 2012 7:04 pm

    Woodshed is back early!!!

    And with a Leftover Cuties update no less…!!!

    Thanks Woodshed!

  2. Yukon May 8th, 2012 8:50 pm

    Woodshed, you’ve got a solid 10 days of vacation left (or holiday or whatever you Brits call it)!

  3. Woodshed May 8th, 2012 9:03 pm

    Dan and Yukon: Crap on a stick! I scheduled this for the wrong day. Ah well, bonus post.

  4. Snacks May 9th, 2012 6:39 am

    Yuupp I was hoping this would get done!

  5. mander mae May 9th, 2012 12:17 pm

    Yay e-mail that’s not spam! Glad you’re back.

  6. Nancy May 9th, 2012 11:40 pm

    Thanks so much, I adore it!

  7. Chris May 11th, 2012 10:06 pm

    So simple, yet so fun

  8. Woodshed May 16th, 2012 10:50 am

    Snacks: And it was!

    mander mae: Sorry, I wasn’t really back. I just made a scheduling error. Back soon though!

    Nancy: You’re welcome.

    Chris: Glad you like.

  9. Mike June 19th, 2012 5:44 pm

    Just saw the Leftover Cuties in San Diego. Great music, great group and great people. Great use of the Ukulele in their music. Thanks for the chords.

  10. Woodshed June 25th, 2012 11:46 am

    Mike: Glad you like!

  11. Margie April 6th, 2013 7:42 am

    My second favorite Cuties song next to Sunnyside. Can’t seem to find tabs for that one though. Hint hint.

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