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Toto/WIUO – Africa (Chords)

Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra – Africa (Chords) It really shouldn’t have taken a request I couldn’t turn down (they bribed me with a pizza) before I wrote this one up. It’s one of my favourite WIUO covers and definitely one of the funnest to play. I’ve written up the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra’s version. It’s […]

Ukulollo, Origamibiro: UkeTube

Lots of good stuff to choose from for this one. I had to be quite ruthless with my choices to keep the list to a reasonable length. If you want to influence what gets included on here do rate the videos I post on UkeToob. I always check the ratings before I put together the […]

Ear Training Games: Friday Links

There are some fun ear training games here to help with tuning practice and chord progression recognition. The first few levels are free but you have to pay after that. Jontom has an ebook-type series of 3 Months of Ukulele Licks On Video: Day eight in the Big Brother house and the housemeeyates are hoeing […]

Kermit the Frog – Rainbow Connection (Instrumental Tab)

Kermit the Frog – Rainbow Connection (Tab) I’ve been meaning to do an instrumental version of this Muppet song (written by Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher) for ages. It’s a lovely little tune and I’ve kept things as simple as I could. After the intro, there’s no fancy picking at all. It’s all done with […]

Movie Theme Tune Quiz

I decided to nick IanReentrant’s idea of a ukulele film theme quiz. Listen to each of the clips below (you might need to head over to the blog if you’re reading via email or RSS) and name the film it’s from (each is either the theme of a film or a tune from a film). […]

Mike Love – No Regrets (Chords and Tab)

Mike Love – No Regrets (Chords) The Beach Boys may have released a ukulele song but it’s another Mike Love that has prompted a batch of tab requests. And I didn’t have any hesitation in fulfilling them. It’s an instantly likeable song and there are plenty of interesting uke tricks going on. It uses a […]

Mike Love: UkeTube

As well as the usual bedroom strumming, this week’s post includes LP at the Grammy museum, Mike Love in Ko’olau’s shop and Ryegrass stood in their bathtub. Full Playlist

TABU: Ukulele Window Shopping

It’s quite common to see ukes like this vintage Hawaiian ukulele being referred to as, “TABU ukuleles.” Which is understandable given that it’s often the only mark on the ukulele. But it’s actually a trade-mark for ukuleles made for ukuleles in Hawaii. It was instituted (according to The ‘Ukulele: A History) in 1916 after the […]

Baritone Book, Ukulele for Dummies Videos: Friday Links

I regularly get asked to recommend a beginner’s baritone book and I’ve never had a good answer. But I do now: Lil Rev’s Baritone Ukulele Method. The videos that accompany the iPad enhanced version of Ukulele for Dummies are now available to download online. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you’ll find […]

Nancy Sinatra – You Only Live Twice (Tab)

John Barry – You Only Live Twice (Tab) There’s a new Bond film on the way so time to write up my second favourite Bond theme (after this one). I’ve kept it reasonably simple for this one. All the melody notes are playing with the thumb and all the supporting strums (shown in brackets) are […]

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