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Cuatro: The Ukulele’s Venezuelan Cousin

I’m always keen to check out what musicians are doing on their instruments to see what I can incorporate into my uke playing. It’s easiest to integrate techniques used on instruments similar to the ukulele such as the ukulele’s Madeiran forebears and, the subject of this post, the Venezuelan cuatro. Full Playlist The Venezuelan cuatro […]

Ukulele Ike – I’m a Bear in a Lady’s Boudoir (Chords)

Pops Bayless and Mysterious John – I’m A Bear In a Lady’s Boudoir (Chords) I finally recovered enough from the Asylum Street Spankers split to post this. It was made famous by Ukulele Ike and covered by the Spankers on their Dirty Ditties EP. But the version I’ve written up is the uke-only performance by […]

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